Women’s cloak is a symbol of elegance

Since ancient times, women preferred to hide from rain and wind with various crochets and shawls. Over time, this part of the wardrobe was transformed into a new and familiar clothing now – a cloak. Now a huge number of firms are produced by different models of cloaks for every taste. You can buy a female cloak in Ukraine in many online stores without leaving your home. One of the excellent shopping stores is the Bella Bicchi site engaged in the sale of outerwear.

Fashion trends of the upcoming season

Before choosing a cloak, be sure to read new trends in color and decorative solutions. The fashion for raincoats has not changed for a long time. Trends are only supplemented. As before, in 2015, various shades of cloaks remain fashionable, pastel and cream tones, as well as the colors of the main color spectrum, are welcomed with the same enthusiasm. In addition, fashionistas can decorate their raincoats with decor in the form of large beads, belts, non -standard buttons and other things. Still does not play a role, whether the cloak has a hood. The only advantage of this detail is additional protection against weather conditions.

Why should you wear a cloak?

At times when the variety of outerwear was rather scarce, the cloak was considered an outfit of elegant and elegant women. Since then, in fact, little has changed. The cloak is still the Mast-HaV detail in the wardrobe of every representative of the fair sex. They were worn by many famous women who were considered unusually beautiful. And what kind of styles you will not find in the cabinets of modern fashionistas – shortened, elongated, with a belt and without, on a zipper and buttons, fitted and free cut, with symmetrical and asymmetric floors. And some girls even have several models for different occasions.

What is the secret of such a popularity of the cloak? There are several reasons for this. The cloak is universal outerwear. It is very practical and useful in rainy and windy weather, since most cloaks make waterproof and impassable. Naturally, designers work from year to year to improve not only the protective qualities of the cloak, but also its appearance.

If you want to look sophisticated and elegant, attract the eyes of men, purchase a raincoat, and the Bella Bicchi store will help you choose and purchase your model!

Based on materials: Catalogzhenskie-Plashchi.

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