Types of gas boilers and their classification

The gas boiler is a device for obtaining thermal energy, t.E is used for heating premises. It turns out heat due to the combustion of gas fuel, which is natural gas, most often it is methane or propane -butter. There are two types of boilers: single -circuit and double -circuit.

A single -circuit boiler serves for heating the room, and a double -circuit – not only for heating, but also to provide hot water. From this we can conclude that a double -circuit gas boiler will cost much more.

There are wall -mounted Buderuslogamax gas boilers that have a built -in automatic control system. It allows double -circuit boilers to supply hot water into 4 independent circuits at the same time and produce water discharge. These devices practically do not make noise during work, and operation is possible in climatic conditions that depend on the weather. They, like all other double -circuit boilers, are divided into two types: flowing and boiler room.

The boiler type is ideal for a large volume of hot water, as it contains up to 60 liters. But if water is required in small ratios, then there will be enough flowing type. The cost of the boiler will also affect the power – the greater it is, the higher the cost.

Classification of boilers is also affected by the type of ignition. So, there is an electrical -glass, but there is a piezorodzhig. Boilers with the first type of ignition will be more expensive, however, it includes some advantages. The first is two types of inclusion: automatic and remote, the second is the absence of a burning faint. They have a modulation type of burner and an ordinary burner.

Another separation of boilers is the removal of outgoing gases. So, some boilers have natural traction (joining the existing chimney), and others – forced traction (withdrawal of combustion products through the coaxial chimney). Forced traction is a little more convenient than natural. For example, the presence of a chimney is not everywhere, and the coaxial chimney is not so expensive. But it is much easier to install, and there will be no problems with it during operation.

In general, in order to decide on the type of gas boiler, it is necessary to begin to understand what exactly you need, which territory should be heated. Thanks to the variety of boilers, you can inexpensively purchase a heating device of compact dimensions and place it anywhere.

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