Part -time work of industrial buildings in the Donbass

In resolving issues about the possibility and conditions of coal removal near Enakievsky factories, when ensuring uninterrupted operation of buildings, structures and equipment, research and design organizations, production enterprises and state bodies participate. In 1959. The issue of the part -time work was considered by the Interdepartmental Commission. The commission decided to make further part -time work of the plants under the following conditions: in the layers of Kutsya and Gritsinka, leave the safety front states to the lower technical boundary of the mine, the development of all other layers in the zone of influence on factories to produce only below the horizon of safe depth and with a complete hydraulic laying of the developed space, and systematic observations behind the displacement of the earth’s surface on the sites of factories and the state of structures of buildings and structures. In accordance with this decision, the Institute of Dneprogyproshakht developed a project for working out coal strata under the territories of factories to the horizon of 670-790 m, and in the Red October mine the first water-loading complex worth 1.3 million was built and commissioned in the Donbass. rub.

Since 1966. Plants are part -work with a complete hydraulic laying of the developed space on the layers most affecting the deformation of the earth’s surface.

In 1968. Gosgortekhnadzor allowed the seizure of layers on the mountains. 560-670 m. The Hyprookox and Giprostal Institutes based on the source data and general recommendations of Dneprogyproshakht and UNDIM have prepared design proposals on constructive measures to protect buildings and structures of factories, the costs of their implementation and the amount of ecomic damage was determined if the safety whole of the allocation was left.

The procedure and timing of further development of coal layers on the mountains. 670-790 m are determined by the decision of state bodies in 1972. The decision takes into account the conclusion of the Numi and the recommendations of the Interdepartmental Scientific and Technical Council on the problem of the construction and protection of buildings and structures at the Donetsk Institute of Promstroy NIIPRECT. The decision noted that further part -time work can be carried out only with the timely implementation of construction measures of protection, repair of structures, as well as improving mountain protection measures. In this case, mining should be carried out strictly according to the project.

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