Varieties of mink coats

The fur has always symbolized luxury, both in ancient times and in our time. He always testified to the status in society and the good taste of the owner of such a thing. Mink fur coat for a girl, comparable to a car for a man. She is the main decoration of any women’s wardrobe. After all, every girl seeks to choose a fur coat for herself from the most valuable and noble fur, because mink products are always in demand and never lose their relevance.

To date, there are many attractive and very beautiful diverse types of fur, but even among such a set, women prefer fur coats from Fursk mink. This fur has a beautiful smooth and brilliant pile and beautiful, noble shades of color. If you store products from mink fur correctly, then they will last a very long time, and therefore they cost quite expensive.

Italy, as well as Greece – are the main manufacturers and suppliers of mink coats

There are many different models and styles of fur coats from this fur. But all the same, the most popular and popular, there are classic models, natural natural colors. The length of the products can be very different, from short heels, to long manto half. Models of fur coats that have hoods are very popular, as they are very practical.

Another model of these fur coats, which is also very popular, is a clam that characterizes the hem and sleeve expanded to the bottom. This style is more suitable for chubby women, as it is able to hide the flaws of the figure.

As for the length, among the short short fur coats and long fur coats, fur coats of medium length, various models and flowers are most popular.

In the modern market, in a wide selection, fur coats from American and European mink were provided in a wide selection. Their fur has almost no differences, and these both types are on sale. But the American mink, which appeared in the European markets much later, gradually begins to replace the European. The only difference between these two types is that the American mink has larger sizes.

There are also about two hundred natural shades of this fur. The most expensive products are those that have a natural black color. Mink fur is painted in different both light and dark shades of natural colors. Recently, short fur coats and short fur coats painted in bright colors have been in demand.

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