Uggy is a worthy meeting of autumn

Uggy is a worthy meeting of autumn

Uggy – type of shoe (male and female), sewn from sheepskin and having a suede surface. The uggs are called a boot hybrid with boots, because shoes have a synthetic sole and natural raw materials (shepherd and wool) are used when sewing).

The invention of warm shoes without heels for more than 100 years and it belongs to Australia. Initially, UGGI was used by agricultural workers, sheep breeders as a practical, comfortable shoes. During the First World War, the Uggs were widespread among the pilots (they warm their legs in cold, blown aircraft). Further, the uggs became popular among skiers and surfers (when when you go to land, it was urgent to warm your legs).

Modern uggs firmly occupy a leading position, becoming fashionable shoes. The convenience and comfort of the boots appreciated and give great preference for daily use. In addition, ugg boots inexpensively and without problems can be purchased at a specialized store – shoes are not a deficit and is quite accessible to any consumer. Fur half -boots are especially relevant in the cool off -season and winter period. The shepherd used for sewing creates the most warm conditions and unsurpassed softness.

The color scheme of uggs is so diverse (from white to black) that many fashionistas prefer to have several models in their wardrobe to expand the capabilities of the winter wardrobe. Uggs will perfectly support any style, both sports and everyday. Jeans, short skirts, knitted and knitted dresses, cardigans – with any clothes, boots will look good and not seem superfluous. The only ban on wearing uggs is a business or office style.

Earlier, the uggs were worn on the bare foot, because the properties of sheepskin allowed the summer not to sweat in the shoes, in winter – not to freeze. Now many models of UGGs are sewn both for wearing in the winter, and for home conditions. In a cool apartment, soft, cozy boots will warm their legs and create a presentable home view. Pajamas, shorts, robes are unceasing and cute with uggs.

The fashion designers worked hard enough, turning awkward boots into a stylish, comfortable shoes. Now the uggs are sewn high, low, medium length, with and without rhinestones, colored plain or with drawings, prints, patterns. It is enough to drop a look, decide on the model – and you are already a step closer to comfortable, pretty uggs!

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