Trends in Italian fashion in 2014

Italy is associated with something with something of their own. For some, it is associated with pizza, for others it is known as the birthplace of pasta and beautiful wines, the third comes to mind and the Pizan tower comes to mind. However, no one will exclude the fact that it is Italy that is the legislator of not only European, but also world fashion.

What is fashionable in Italy in 2014

The current year has not yet managed to cross the equator, but the main fashion trends have already been outlined. This season, the most popular among clothing details will be used:


transparent inserts;


frills and floods;

fringe of any size;

metal parts;


This year the following styles are most common in Italy: sports, minimalism and futurism. As the materials used, knitwear, mesh, velvet, lace and leather are most often used. Women are offered to wear wide light tones (best white). Long skirts made in retro style again come into fashion.

Men’s fashion is changing towards classics. Again relevant strict tuxedos, dark trousers in combination with light shirts and checkered ties.

What colors are relevant in the current season

Italian designers made up the five most fashionable colors that must be worn this year. They included:

Red-violet. Universal color that can be successfully combined with almost any shades. If you want to buy Italian clothes in bulk, then it is best to combine it with neutral colors (white, cream, gray and milk).

yellow. A bright shade that has a huge positive energy. He is best able to emphasize the spring-summer mood.

bright blue. It goes well with any other bright colors, so with bright blue clothes you will not have to rack your head over the selection of accessories.

grey.Classic color, which is an average variant of light and dark tones. Gray color is able to make a balance in a combination of bright colors, diluting it and eliminating the excess paints.

light blue. The color of a clear summer sky, which is recommended to combine with other “cold” colors (blue, purple).

This year Italian clothing has prints with various graphics, beach themes, ethnic motives and abstraction. Drawings with images of buildings, architectural attractions, animals are popular.

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