The death of James Cook: how the navigator became a “deity” in Hawaii

The famous English sailor, cartographer and discoverer James Cook led three round-the-world expeditions; first mapped the outline of the east coast of Australia; proved that New Zealand is two independent islands separated by a strait; and was the first to cross the Antarctic Circle.

During his third trip around the world, Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands. The locals treated him kindly. The navigator could not even imagine that he would meet his death on these lands. What really happened to the great traveler? And is it worth believing the comic song of Vladimir Vysotsky, in which it is sung that the natives wanted to eat and ate Cook?

Four and a half kilograms of meat and a head without a lower jaw – all that remains of James Cook. The sailors of the ship “Resolution” recaptured the remains of their captain from the natives and buried them at sea. The third round-the-world expedition under the command of Cook did not reach the goal of his voyage.

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