Sushi and pizza in Voronezh are the most popular foreign dishes

Such popular and firmly entered into the daily life of Europeans are the initially a purely Japanese dish. Their origin is associated with the very location of Japan: a small country spread out in the middle of the sea in several rocky islands was forced to look for a optimal way of food. They turned out to be fish and seafood, and the Japanese learned to grow rice on not too fertile lands on the side dish.

Initially, the proud name “sushi” was called a fish, which was freshly laid mixed with salt under oppression for several weeks, and then removed oppression and left in the literal sense of the word rot in the sun under a thin lid for several months. The dish received in this way had an extremely pungent smell and a very specific taste. Today, ordering sushi delivery in Voronezh with such an ingredient is unlikely to succeed, and it is doubtful that the modern European wants to try a dish with a caustic and far from a delicious smell, although some Tokyan restaurants are ready to offer their visitors to the very ancient recipe.

No less popular, but much younger foreign dish is considered pizza. About 78% of people surveyed around the world call this dish the most beloved. And this intricate Italian-American cake appeared during total poverty and savings as a purely peasant dish. Mistresses from the poor families were so constrained in the means that they were forced to collect flour literally by crumbs, sculpt fresh cakes on the water, and in order to at least get stuck the dough, they put pieces of tomatoes, basil leaves and any remnants of the provisions that were, which were too little for a full dinner, and it was a pity.

Since then, much has changed. Now Pizza in Voronezh Pizza and around the world is not only everyday food prepared “from what was”, but also an excellent snack for beer, the ability to arrange gatherings with friends, for children is a great way to celebrate a birthday or celebrate a successful ending of the next school year. Today pizza is created according to a variety of recipes: vegetarian, meat, cheese, mushroom and even fruit. Baked even the largest pizza in the world, and the most expensive. Statistics say that in America, for example, about 350 pieces of fresh pizza eat every second, and for 93% of Americans it is this dish that is a “weekend dish”.

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