Summer vacation season: where you do not need to go to relax in the summer

A sunny hot summer came, and with it the long -awaited vacation and children’s holidays. It’s time to get a road on a road! And then a completely reasonable question arises – where to go in order to relax well, gain various impressions and return home full of strength and energy. Someone is trying to buy vouchers cheaper without the All-inclusive program, hoping that the delivery of pizza and the time of inexpensive fast food is working in the country of stay, someone plans to spend time in outdoor activities and therefore chooses inexpensive hotels. Everyone has their own criteria and their own preferences. But still, in order to spend your long -awaited summer vacation with maximum benefit, it is worthwhile to be particularly attention to choosing a resting place.

What are the burning vouchers promise us?

The choice of summer holidays is huge, various travel agencies offer burning trips to different corners of our planet for an incredibly low fee. And here you can fall for the bait of unscrupulous tour operators, the purpose of which is to sell unprofitable, not in demand in the summer season of directions.

In this article, we want to give some recommendations that are exclusively informational in nature, the choice still remains with you.


Cuba. Summer on the island of Freedom is not only a time of unbearable heat, heavy rains, it is also an approaching season of hurricanes, which usually occurs in the fall, but due to global warming, their beginning becomes unpredictable. The optimal time of relaxation in Cuba from December to April inclusive.

Mexico. What awaits tourists in Mexico in the summer? The strongest heat and storm rains. And what is the weather fraught with? With drubbing roads and the emergence of a huge number of mosquitoes. Surely neither you nor your loved ones will be happy to rest, which is accompanied by bites of merciless insects. We recommend rest in Mexico from September to April.

Brazil. Become a witness to the famous Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro, which usually takes place in February is a great idea, but in the summer Brazil is a cool, not sunny, but sometimes a rainy place that does not have a comfortable rest at all. You will be satisfied with your trip to Brazil if you go there from November to March.

Goa. Summer for the Indian Island of Goa is a rainy season that turns this excellent corner of the planet into a series of deserted beaches and closed clubs. Some in a word, having gone at Goa in the summer, you will most likely be there a lonely traveler, on the one hand, also has its own charm.

UAE, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey – these areas are the most popular among Russian tourists, but I would like to note that in the summer months there is very strong heat, which is fraught with sunlight, burns and other troubles.

We really hope that our recommendations will help you make the right choice, and your summer vacation will bring the most vivid impressions and positive emotions!

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