Review of female cloaks for the offseason

It is for women with pleasant shapes and volumes that there is a store big city. By clicking on the Collectionodezda-Plaschi link, you will be pleasantly surprised by the excellent choice of raincoats of very modern silhouettes and colors.

What dictates the fashion

As you know, it is fashionable shows that set the tone for the entire subsequent year. So, autumn and winter 2015 promise to be bright and beautiful.


The fashion designers decided: “Down with gloomy colors”, and fashionistas immediately agreed with them. Juicy beautiful colors are in fashion today. Among the lights-starting from not boring light gray, gray-beige, ending with mocha. Of bright colors, they promise to use raspberry, rich blue and emerald. Black models on the catwalks are almost not visible, they were replaced by dark blue, although for those who prefer the classics, he is still preserved, but stylists advise “diluting” it with bright accessories-a scarf, a handbag, blue or white jeans.


Today, the fashion is almost not offering long cloaks. The most fashionable length is to the knee and above, in extreme cases – the closing knees. At the peak of fashion models with different lengths – short in the middle and longer – on the sides. Short raincoats are also very popular – almost jackets.


It is exactly what is very slimming the owners of pleasant roundness:

Silhouette a – narrowed at the top (no “dilated shoulders”) and expanded to the bottom. Looks very beautiful on women with wide hips – hiding them and giving the whole image harmony and lightness.

A straight cloak is suitable for almost any figure. And “pears” and “apples” look elegant and fit in them.

Trapezius. It is very visually slimming, and made of contrasting fabrics also “balances” the top and bottom.

The absence of a belt hides a wide waist. Although the models with a belt also did not completely disappear from fashion shows, but they have become much less.


The cloak has ceased to be boring and monotonous. In fashion – large overhead pockets of various and bizarre forms, and slotted ones are located next to them. A combination of different colors is welcomed in one model (black and beige, raspberry and black, blue with black and similar combinations) – these can be both separate details and decoration. Dead and complex standing collars, hoods remain still popular.

There are many colorful and interesting things in the new trends of autumn clothing, so there will be no reason for melancholy at this inclement season.

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