Repair in a new building –

Today, buying housing in a new building, the new settlers receive an apartment of free layout, that is, without partitions, and eyeliner of engineering networks. Everything else – partitions, wallpaper and tiles, floors, ceilings, plumbing and other components of the repair, everyone chooses for himself. Buyers of housing, with rare exceptions, people far from construction technology and independently make repairs on their own. Repair in a new building at a high professional level will be able to perform masters of a specialized construction company.

After receiving a design project, builders proceed to the installation of partitions, dividing the total space into rooms. Wiring out engineering networks provides for laying water and sewage pipelines, electric networks, ventilation. This also includes laying low -current networks – antenna, Internet, orana, etc.P. This is necessarily reflected in the drawings. Indeed, in the future, if it breaks through the pipe or there will be problems with electricity, it will be possible to immediately eliminate the malfunction with the drawings. The competently made a laying of communication networks in the future will save the owner of the apartment and a significant amount of money.

When planning repairs in the just erected case, one should take into account the most important factor – the shrinkage of the house. Therefore, to carry out repairs from expensive materials in the first one and a half to two years is not rational. It is better to limit yourself to simple and budget repairs. Materials are desirable to use high -quality those that are not characterized by shrinkage. Ceramic tiles in the bathroom and in the kitchen may crack. Instead of tiles, you can install plastic panels. As a ceiling finish, stretch ceilings are suitable. Subsequently, the ceiling can be made multi -level, and from more expensive material. As a base for wallpaper, a special grid is glued to the walls. On such walls, silk -screen printing will stay without problems – quite dense wallpapers. Small cracks that appear as a result of shrinkage will be invisible under them. A preparatory layer of plastic mixture is laid on the floors, which will extinguish the “movement” of the tile. But the parquet practically does not respond to shrinkage, so the device in a new building with a parquet coating is quite acceptable. The last stroke of the repair is the installation of plumbing, household appliances and furniture. Set in with pleasure!

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