Pedi – soft pleasure

As you sometimes want to hide from the incessant fuss and rush; Pour a cup of aromatic tea, fall asleep into a pocket of delicious sweets, wrap yourself in a soft blanket and sit to think about something good, good to the sounds of your favorite music. Or after working everyday life, go to the cottage, lie down in a hammock, take refuge with a light blanket and enjoy a suburban silence. The blanket, in fact, is a regular section of the material that is necessary in home life, in a country house, on vacation. Having bought the blankets wholesale from Ivanovo, or to retail, you can resolve the eternal question “What gift will be the best for loved ones and friends”.

Pugs always find their application, being an indispensable assistant in everyday life. Fur, woolen, thick, light, wide, with and without brushes-each in their own way is good and functional. How to choose a plaid so that its use brings joy and comfort? Undoubtedly, you should pay attention to the texture of the material from which it is made.

Fur blankets. For sewing, both natural and artificial fibers are used. Synthetic is easily cleaned and erased, much cheaper than natural ones, as a source of heat, they can perfectly cope with their functions.

Acrylic blades are very soft, comfortable, not electrified (which is very important for many consumers). In addition, the acrylic plaid has antibacterial, anti -allergenic and antimicrobial properties.

Cashmere – natural fiber, a product from which, gives its owner a soft and cozy warmth. Cathedral of a cashmere blanket is absolutely not burdening.

Woolen plaid – a classic of the genre and a favorite of the public. Such a blanket is needed in every house, so having made such a gift to a friend or parents, you can count on a huge recognition. Wool is a neutralizer for toxic elements that stand out with the later person. Coat of wool is elastic, durable and hygroscopic. Moreover, the healing properties of wool have repeatedly helped people suffering from rheumatism or radiculitis.

A cotton blanket is a light, air option that is more suitable for use in the summer and warm off -season. For a long time retains the original appearance, even after several washes.

The dimensions of the rugs depend on the requirements presented to them: throw on the shoulders, wrap himself in full height, cover the baby cradle, or cover the lumbar area.

As you can see to create heat easily and elementary – purchase a blanket and pamper yourself with comfortable bliss!

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