Modern furniture: how to choose high -quality and safe

The deterioration of ecology on the planet increasingly makes you think about the need to take care of your health, choose natural, environmentally friendly products, clothes and furniture.

The truth about plastic

Choosing furniture for their home, modern housewives are trying to avoid artificial materials, for example, plastic. In fact, despite its non -born origin, this material can be completely safe. High -quality plastic is no less safe than quality mattresses made of foam. Today, acrylic is most popular. He is as durable as the tree, and is resistant to high temperatures and damage. Acryl does not cause any harm to health.

Economical note

The cheaper the material, the less durable the new furniture will be. This should be remembered by everyone to save on the purchase. The cheapest materials include:

plywood. The material is obtained by gluing several veneer sheets. In addition to low cost, the material has many other advantages. Plywood is completely harmless and easy enough to process. The main drawback is high vulnerability;

DVP (wood -fiber plate). In most cases, it is used to make the bottom of the boxes and walls of the cabinets. The material is obtained, pressing hot cellulose with special impurities. The wood -fiber plate has good thermal insulation, but is not considered waterproof material;

Laminated chipboard. The most expensive of all listed materials. A special decorative coating is applied to chipboard, which imitates wood. The material is almost not susceptible to mechanical damage and sharp temperature changes. When purchasing plates, you need to be sure of their high quality. Experts warn: low -quality chipboard slabs can be harmful to health.

Wooden luxury

Particular attention must be paid to furniture in the bedroom. Here we need not only high -quality mattresses, but also beds from environmentally friendly material – wood. Not every buyer of a furniture store can afford a wooden bed. Fragility is one of the shortcomings of the material. In order for wood furniture to serve for several decades and inherited by descendants, the material must be in a special way processed. Behind the tree you need to care for well, protect it from moisture and sharp temperature differences.

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