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As you know, classic faucets with two cranes or one lever were most widely used today. However, such models are largely uncomfortable. In particular, they do not allow exactly the degree of water, as well as ensure the stability of the hot flow to the degree. Probably, many are familiar with the situation when a cool shower suddenly replaces almost boiling water – and vice versa. Agree, there is little pleasant in this phenomenon. The thermostatic mixer for the washbasin will help to avoid such situations. What is its feature?

First of all, it would be worth noting that in the process of manufacturing thermostats only ultramodern developments are used. Firstly, these cranes are completely safe for children. Devices of this kind of special buttons are mounted, which are triggered when the water temperature reaches 38 ° C. Secondly, the design of the mixer eliminates the risk of burning on the surface of the mixer. Thirdly, thanks to the latest developments, thermostats are distinguished by enviable durability. And, finally, fourthly, such devices have the function of instant reaction to the rise and fall of the pressure of cold or hot water. As a result, the stream temperature is preserved even when one of the family members in another room decided to wash the dishes or wash.

The thermostatic mixer for the washbasin can be mechanical or electronic. The latter, as a rule, are equipped with a touch screen, with which the device is controlled. The mechanical type differs in that the temperature adjustment takes place by means of special buttons or handles.

The use of thermostats, as a rule, significantly reduces the level of consumption of electricity and water. This has been confirmed more than once in practice and cannot be doubted. If you pay attention to statistics, you can notice that in the case of the use of thermostatic mixers, utilities in terms of the same electricity and water are reduced by about twice. And this is a rather impressive result. A number of modern models are equipped with a special regime of savings, which, however, can be disconnected. Finally, I would like to say that all thermostats have a modern look and easily fit into the design of almost any bathrooms. And this, you see, is also quite important!

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