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The final part of the finishing work is painting work. They can be used both in overhaul and construction, and in cosmetic repair. The duration of these works depends on how qualitatively the previous works were performed, which became the foundation for painting work. Such previous work includes high -quality leveling walls and ceiling.

It is this “initial state” that the cost determines largely. For painting work, it is necessary to choose the right material that is better for your room. Painting work begins after the first finish-cement-sand, cement-lime plaster, plasterboard work on the installation of walls, partitions and ceilings. Part of the painting work is a primer of surfaces and putty in two stages. After that, the seams between the sheets are painted over and fill up, this is when there were gypsum plasterboard work.

In order for these works to be performed at the highest level and bring a good result, the painter must have proper qualifications, experience in this area, he must know the physical characteristics of materials, carry out painting work with his own hands without qualification is not a very good idea.. The whole technological process needs to be known in perfect.

Today on the market you can find a huge number of materials for painting finishing work. You will find a large selection of colors, these are different colors, texture. Large selection of dry putty mixtures. Here is a big task to choose the right material. After all, the quality of work depends not only on the specialist, but also on the materials that are used during work. Among all types of paints, water -based, oil, enamel. For painting each part of the room, a certain type of paint is used.

Painting walls and ceilings in rooms is often carried out by water -based paints, they are the most popular in decorating commercial real estate buildings. Choose a good master, quality materials and then your repair and construction work will be reliably completed by finishing work.

An important point is the safety of the materials that you use. Trust trusted firms and manufacturers. The finish should be carried out in all sanitary standards.

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