Foreign shops: where to go in winter?

Not everyone dreams of in winter about beach vacation in the shadow of tall palm trees on the shores of the warm sea. Many fair sex plan trips to various countries with a specific purpose – to enjoy shopping. For this, travel agencies organize the so -called shopping shops – tours that combine an interesting rest abroad and the ability to purchase a variety of goods at uniquely low prices. That is why, traditionally celebrating the New Year and Christmas in Russia, you can go to holiday sales to neighboring or far abroad countries. But what kind of country to choose for a shopping tour?

Great Britain

A good choice for a winter trip for purchases, since almost all large shopping centers of London in January will please significant discounts. Within the framework of the shopping tour, you can make successful purchases at the Covent Garden, in the flea market Portobello, in the Harrodes and Harvey Nichols department stores, Oxford Street stores, fashionable boutiques on rigent Street and in the village of Biceer Village boutiques.


Traditionally go here for fur coats and furs. In addition, you can perfectly combine rest from the Mediterranean or Aegean Sea with the purchase of a high -quality and inexpensive winter thing. Greece has duty -free shops, so there will be no problems with the removal of a fur coat or furs. When going here, take into account that the sales of warm outerwear are held here in January-February.


In winter, the search for a tour by countries will certainly lead to Italy. After all, it is here that the enormous outlets of Naples, Rome and Milan offer exclusive creations of elite manufacturers. In addition, in Naples there is the largest wholesale shopping center in Europe, on the territory of which there are about 350 warehouses of famous Italian manufacturers. And with 7.01 to 01.03 in Italy annually a general sale takes place.


This country is famous for fashionable and high -quality shoes, electronics, clothes and jewelry. The cost of many goods is very low, even if you do not take into account discounts at Christmas sales. Dusseldorf – German Fashion Center. In this city, on Kennigs-Alley, large shopping centers, shops and boutiques represent the goods of both famous European brands and the only designer products. A lot of excellent things at very democratic prices can also be found in Munich, Frankfurt-on-Main, Dresden.

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