Features of choosing shower corners

Shower corners are a great choice for a small bathroom. Inside you can place not only faucets with a shower, but also supplement with various devices.

When choosing this design, it is worth paying attention to some characteristics, among which:

A variety of design. They are frame, frame or non -borely. To ensure complete tightness, it is worth using frame products, supplementing them with sliding doors. Different frame structures look great, without vertical profiles located inside. To add minimalism to your bathroom, you can choose a non -fair structure, which consists only of loops attached to the wall and glasses;

the form. Most shower corners are semicircular, but there are square, rectangular or asymmetric models. With the help of rectangular ones, you can use the entire room with benefit, while the rest will make the room more stylish. Asymmetric is often mounted in bathrooms having an elongated shape;

A variety of installation. Modern shower corners can be installed in the very corner or about one wall or in a niche. A variety of installation affects the completion of the entire product;

walls and doors. They are sliding or swinging. With the help of swinging, you can quickly evaporate moisture, while sliding save space. They are made of plastic or specialized glass. The cost of plastic products is much lower, although it has similar strength and decorative properties, as well as quite resistant to moisture, the appearance of mold or fungus.

It is very important to pay attention to the tray. Some products go without a pallet, the main thing is that the floor has a drain hole. However, thanks to the pallet, it will be much easier to remove, and the process of taking the shower itself will become more comfortable, in addition, the type of structure becomes more attractive and seems finished. Choosing a pallet for the corner, it is worth purchasing the manufacturer as the whole structure. Some models have an already built -in tray. Acrylic, ceramic, wooden, stone and steel pallets are now being made now. Acryl is considered the most common. Such popularity can be explained by resistance to various mechanical damage, durability and excellent aesthetic characteristics.

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