Do you need gadgets in the kitchen?

Some women are modern housewives, try not to give in to fashion in fashion, including the presence of modern kitchen assistants. And it doesn’t matter how much it is already without the action of household appliances and kitchen gadgetovna mezzanines. With the advent of the novelty, I immediately want to purchase it.

Of course, this applies not to all kitchen accessories. Coffee makers, electrical andarmers and, of course, toasters are still popular. True, these are already completely different models than before. The kitchen technique industry has stepped forward and offers conscientious housewives a whole catalog of toasters where you can choose your own option both in color and in design and in functionality. Yes, yes, that’s right, because even Toster is now chosen for the overall design of the kitchen.

Unnecessary things in the kitchen

Many ladies noticed that in pursuit of kitchen news, a lot of funds from the budget were wasted.

A terrifying faces with wide nostrils began to appear on the shelves of stores, this was not scared and not a monster from a horror film, this is a device for squeezing the ketchup. I do not think that the presence of such an object will delight young children. Who will like the ketchup arising from the character’s nose, with a terrible nozzle.

Recently, another kitchen device appeared, the same useless – manual juicer for citrus fruits. She looks practical and against the background of the above gadget and even seriously. But doing the juice for breakfast, you think what you are doing, the production of juice or the training of handshake.

Egg cell, cost of about $ 100. And this is not a simple cell, but almost a computer. It works together with an iPhone, you will have to find another suitable program. Accommodates 14 eggs and writes in memory the date of purchase and the shelf life. As soon as you take a couple of eggs for an omelet, this is fixed and comes an SMS that says how much the products are left in the cell and what is the shelf life.

Can’t do in the kitchen without

The kitchen simply needs a kitchen combine. This device is able to replace a meat grinder, juicer, blender, mixer and electric traction.

So that every morning the family takes high -quality coffee, you need a good coffee maker and coffee grinder. It is difficult to do without a microwave in the kitchen. It is advisable to buy immediately with the grill, then it will be possible to cook many different dishes.

Toster also refers to the necessary gadgets, since there is nothing more beautiful to start morning with a cup of aromatic coffee and a piece of fresh toast.

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