DIY walls of drywall

There is a big problem in our country that belongs to our premises, and this problem is uneven walls. This applies not only to old buildings, but also to new houses that must meet strict standards. With uneven walls, you can fight in two ways either with the help of a large amount of cement or clay, or with the help of drywall, this is the best and not so time -cost method and money. Drywall sheets are a very convenient solution that helps to transform even the most advanced walls in the ideality. To learn work with drywall, you do not need great knowledge in construction, this material is very easy to work.

To work, you will need a punch, screwdriver, level, metal scissors, plumb line, pencil.

Preparation of the wall and installation of the frame of their profiles.

The process of creating a wall of drywall with your own hands begins with the preparation of the basic walls, it consists, it consists in the sealing and knocking down the old plaster, which can damage a new design. At this stage, you need to apply a primer that protects the wall from the appearance of the fungus and other bacteria. And only after the primer completely dried out can you begin to install the frame.

Before installation, you need to mark, after every 600 mm, vertical profiles are attached, which are fixed on the wall using dowels.

Hypartone sheets mount

Fastening the drywall itself to the already finished metal frame, is considered the simplest work. To execute, which will need an assistant. Between themselves, profiles are fastened with metal self -tapping screws. The sheets themselves are attached to the profiles, the fasteners should be at a distance of not more than 250 mm.

The installation is completed on this, it remains only to put putty and finish the processing of wallpaper or applying paint.

The final stage

Before applying the putty, in order to avoid the appearance of the fungus or mold, a primer is applied, which should completely dry before other manipulations. The first to plunge joints between drywall sheets. In order for putty does not disappear, you need to stick a self -adhesive thin reinforcing mesh, which will additionally fasten their putty. At this time, you can also smear hats of self -tapping screws. Only after complete drying can you completely cover the entire surface with a thin layer of putty.

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