Construction forests – materials

Building forests are called a temporary structural design, which is used to support people and building materials in the process of carrying out a certain type of work to update the building.  In particular, construction forests are necessary for the restoration, decoration and repair of facades.  The same room work also involves the installation of construction forests.

As a rule, construction forests are a modular system of metal pipes and wooden parts. Although, materials can be variable, for example, in Asia, construction forests are often made from bamboo.

Construction forests are not something inherent only in modern construction. This is a necessary detail of the construction work, which was used in the implementation of their structures from time to our era, ancient Greeks, ancient Egyptians, Nubians and Chinese. Even in the LASCO cave there is evidence that similar designs were used to paint the ceiling 17,000 years ago. Of course, then these were the designs of that time. Now construction forests have a modern coloring and standards.

If you are interested in buying construction forests, as well as tours towers in Moscow, you can contact the StroySnab company, which produces, sells, and also rents these designs. Stroysnab can also help with installation and dismantling building forests.

By the way, the main material of construction forests is light metal pipes, most often made of steel or aluminum. There are also forests from composite materials. The working surface is made of wood. Pipes are kept together on special mounts.

The market offers different options for building forests, depending on the type of task and geometry of the structure. Installation of any structure of forests involves the availability of experience in this type of work, compliance with safety precautions. Very often, for installation of forests, third -party companies are hired, which carry out the installation and dismantling process, and also give a guarantee for their work.

Portal Project Rosten wishes you successful construction and repair.

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