About property taxes in Hawaii

Hawaii has a property tax. The tax is progressive, rates vary from 10.00% to 15.70%. For 2018, Hawaii’s property tax exemption is $5.49 million.

This number is expected to rise to the federal exemption level in 2019, although specific details remain to be determined. This guide is for Aloha residents who want to know what they need to know to protect their assets and prepare their families for their deaths. If you need help planning your property, a financial advisor can help. SmartAsset can help you find an advisor with our free financial advisor matchmaking service.

Hawaii Real Estate Tax Exemption

The threshold for property tax in Hawaii is $5.49 million in 2018. That number should increase to match the federal exemption in 2019, but it’s not entirely clear if that will happen or what it will look like. However, for now, any property of a person who died in 2018 is subject to the 2018 rules. If the value of your property exceeds the $5.49 million exemption, you will be liable to pay property tax. You only have to pay tax on the value that exceeds the exemption.

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