Zhivans – real aristocracy and natural beauty

Today the brand Zhivanshi has become the leader in the production of elite perfumes and cosmetics. The French Fashion House of Zhivanshi was created in 1952. Since 1986. It is part of the largest company for the production of luxury items. The fashionable house of Zhivansh is part of the famous French holding LVMH. Over the entire history, more than 100 aromas were produced under the brand of the Zhivans, which became popular among fans of perfumes.

In addition to perfumes, clothing, shoes and accessories, Brand Zhivanshi has 6 chic SPAs in the most elite resorts around the world. Nowadays, it is easy and quickly to learn about the novelties of the company allows the official website of the Zhivanshi. Everyone who prefers quality products and is ready to lay out not small money for it will always be glad to new acquisition of perfection. Unfortunately, today’s realities are such that many brands are widely and everywhere faked.

How to distinguish a fake of perfumery of the Zhivanshi from the original?

Make a purchase better in a good, proven store.

It is important to pay special attention to packaging. The best designers and perfumers work in leading trading houses, so they do not allow any flaws. Polygraphy on the packaging of the Zhivanshi has the highest quality. There can be no score. All letters are easily read.

Zhivanshi packaging always contain an indication of the production of “made in France”. It is done in French or English.

Each store that sells the original products of the Zhivansh represents demonstration perfume bottles, the so -called “probes”.

The Zhivanshi brand does not spare huge amounts of money not only for its equipment, but also for controlling the quality of its goods. Each bottle is a real work of art. There can be no air bubbles in the glass bottle, it should be impeccably clean. The glass cover to the bottle of the original product adjoins very tightly.

The certificate of products should pay attention to the dates. The shelf of the perfumery of the Zhivanshi is no more than a year.

So, if you plan to purchase the Partyumeria of the Zhivanshi, you can listen to each advice given, and it is best to use them all together. This will significantly reduce the risk of buying a fake. In conclusion, it can be noted that, choosing the products of the Zhinsha, you should not be shy and you need to behave more confident. You already know the distinctive features of the original from the fake.

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