Wedding paraphernalia – trifles setting the mood

When planning a wedding, it is so important not to forget anything and not miss. Even the little things in this case will have a decisive value. We have selected for you a list of important little things when planning a wedding ceremony.

1) Pillows for wedding rings. You prepared for the holiday for several months, carefully sorting through the engagement rings. They are worthy of the most gorgeous presentation! Often the process of presenting engagement rings is removed on the cameras, so a wide variety of unique pillows for the rings is what you need. It is possible to choose both classic satin colors of Ivori and elegant wedding accessories inexpensively with a heraldic print.

2) guest cards. They will help you properly plant guests so that everyone is comfortable. The main thing is not to make the cards too pretentious, the text should be easily read. Such preparation will help to quickly place everyone and avoid hustlers.

3) Wedding glasses – exquisite luxury. Given the fact that they are broken in the registry office, for the wedding ceremony you need to choose special glasses. They are decorated with ribbons, metal elements, painting. It will be good if you can combine glasses with the style of instruments of the bride and groom, with which they will cut the first cake.

4) bomboners. Recently, such an accessory has become more and more relevant at weddings. These touching and cute souvenirs will help you please guests. The species and sweets themselves are important, but bright and original boxes that reflect the style of the whole wedding.

5) wishes. It is wonderful when not only gifts and memories remain after the wedding, but also pleasant wishes from family and loved ones. The album with wishes will be stored for you for a very long time if you choose a beautiful and original packaging style.

6) boxes and baskets for money. This Moldavian tradition is very beautiful and elegant. Original forms for collecting envelopes with money can be in the form of cakes, baskets, and even in the form of an eiffel tower! All this will become unusual and colorful thanks to the salon of wedding paraphernalia.

7) Location of love. The tradition of hanging locks on the bridge does not lose its relevance. In catalogs you can find a huge variety of locks of different forms and color. Every holiday is organizational chores. To make them less, trust the course of life, and know that wedding trifles will become real trifles at a festival of a loving and delicate couple!

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