We lay the tile on the porch

What people pay attention to first of all when they enter the house? No, not on the interior decoration of the house, not on a fireplace in the living room, but on the appearance of the house and on the facade.

And what can be better decorated with the facade of your home, if not a neat and special finish of the steps? At first glance, this seems a difficult task, only the master is able. But, if you follow the steps and warnings given in this article, you can quite accurately and gracefully perform the modern design of houses.

First of all, you need to check the steps themselves for the presence of irregularities and cracks. To do this, we use roulette, in places where these defects are manifested, we put the marks. They can be eliminated using an adhesive solution and a spatula. With the maximum flat surface of the steps, laying tiles can be done faster and easier.

Now let’s move directly to laying tiles. It is recommended to start work on top, that is, from the porch and down. The primer should only be applied to the surface of the steps and not be taken to work until it has dried up . It is worth noting that the tile on the solution that lies on the surface of the steps is strictly prohibited! For the best effect and reliability, the solution can be applied to the steps and on the tile. To do this, it is best to use a gear spatula.

So that during operation a solution with tiles does not “float”, it is recommended to add a little cement to it. For exterior decoration, it is best to use glue that withstands a high temperature and weight. He, of course, is not cheap, but it is better to pay for quality than then put tiles again.

It is best to cut the tiles at the edges with a high -speed machine for tiles, since the Bulgarian can completely “tear” the tiles.

It is recommended to fill the seams with adhesive solution or colored grout for tiles. It is better to put the grout with a syringe in the seam itself, without smearing it on the tile so as not to stain it.

That’s all on this. Do not allow only the accumulation of dirt on the tile, as it leads to the appearance of scratches. This is especially true for tiles with a shiny coating.

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