We lay linoleum on our own

You can lay linoleum yourself, you just need to know some rules for working with this material and prepare the tools that will be needed when laying.

First you need to prepare the room for work. To do this, take all the furniture from the room. Having removed the old skirting boards, you can begin to remove the old flooring. If the old base is even and has no defects, you can leave it and put linoleum on it.

Then you need to draw on the paper a plan of the room indicating its width, length, door, batteries and other features. This drawing can be taken to the building materials store, it will help experienced sellers very much when choosing linoleum. The main thing to consider when buying linoleum is its width. Most often there are rolls of 2.5 meters, 3.5 meters or 4 meters wide. The more the width of the linoleum coincides with the width of your room, the less seams will have to be made, respectively, the better the view of your gender.

We spread the linoleum around the room, cut off the excess, and leave the linoleum to lay down for several days. Having straightened, linoleum can become larger in size, then we cut off the excess again. Leave a short distance between linoleum and wall. It will be necessary in case of further straightening of linoleum. If you do not leave the gap, after some time linoleum will acquire a wavy surface. Remember that it will help to purchase all the useful materials of the online store of flooring, which you can find on the site.

Then you need to decide whether you will glue linoleum or simply press with skirting boards. The second option is suitable if the room is small and linoleum is well suited in width. In other cases, it is more reliable to glue linoleum to the base. A special glue for linoleum can be purchased at the store. At the same time, buy a comb to apply glue. Glue linoleum is easier together. Linoleum must be twisted into a roll, and then starting to not rush to smear the surface with glue and, gradually promoting a roll, press it tightly to the floor. Do not forget to glue the place where the twisted roll lay. Places of connection of pieces of linoleum can be treated with cold welding.

Now you can install new skirting boards and gently return the room to the furniture. Remember that the recently laid linoleum is unstable to damage. Lining linoleum is completed.

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