The secrets of attractiveness

The secrets of attractiveness

It is important for a woman that she is not only said about her that she is Horosha-Soboy. They should fall in love with it at first sight. Fashionable clothes and bright makeup, as a rule, do not have enough. An exquisite aroma should come from a real beauty. It is pointless to recommend certain perfumes: everyone has their own taste. Finding her fragrance, the woman will carefully hide its name and hide the bottle. So only she should smell!

This is a secret that is protected even from a best friend. So that the competitors could not reveal the secret, the woman chooses a little -known brand. That usually comes to mind when mentioning good spirits? Of course, Chanel No. 5. Therefore, no matter how beautiful these perfumes are, their use should be abandoned. Moreover, there are a huge number of worthy, but not too well -known brands.

Café-Café perfumes are produced by the French company Eofinlux. Leads Jean-Pierre Grivory. In the mid-70s of the last century, he founded his own perfume company. In native France, Grivuri is almost unknown to the general public. All products of his company were sold outside the country. The stereotype of the high quality of all French has always existed. French perfumes have always been a standard of perfect smell. Café-Café perfumes appeared in the mid-90s and immediately became known all over the world. The name of the aroma gives rise to a number of associations: morning, a small cafe in Paris, croissants and a cup of coffee – whose heart is not expensive these images?

Passion from Annik Goutal – little -known perfumes from a little -known brand. Success in the modeling business was not prevented by Annik Gutal, to think about the fact that she has a completely different calling in this life. In addition, the age of the model is short enough. Without waiting for young rivals, Annik changed her sphere of her activity in 1980. Her new work was the creation of smells. The former model was not mistaken, she is a really talented perfumer.

Lovers of oriental aromas will not remain indifferent to the spirits from Annayake. The brand was created in the Land of the Rising Sun. All products are focused exclusively on the European market. According to fans of this brand, the aroma from Annayake is a whole philosophy, it is a smell that tunes in thought.

Do not be afraid to use new aromas, even if the brand is completely unfamiliar to you. Discoveries always bring joy. And for friends, let the name of new spirits remain a mystery.

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