The process of buying property in Hawaii

The procedure for buying property in the Hawaiian Islands will take you about a month and a half. After picking up a property, contact realtors.

And do not be embarrassed that the realtor will not be called “broker”, but “broker”. He will prepare a quotation for you. In fact, this is a model contract drawn up by one of the real estate associations of the state. It spells out the rights and obligations of the parties and takes into account your interests as much as possible. The realtor will fill out all the paperwork and give them to you for signing. Then send them to the seller. The seller will not hesitate, because he is interested in getting money from the sale of real estate as quickly as possible.

If you do not have enough own funds, then theoretically you can apply to any American bank and apply for a mortgage. It is possible, but very difficult. Now, after the collapse of the American mortgage system itself, there are very few banks left in the United States that give mortgage loans to foreign citizens. But still, if the bank agreed to accept your application for a mortgage loan, remember that in the application you must ask for a loan for a finished home. For a loan for the purchase of land or housing under construction will not be given to you because of the very high risks. Also, American banks do not give loans to foreigners for the purchase of commercial real estate. Together with the application, you need to provide the bank with a passport, a certificate from work about the monthly salary and a certificate from your bank stating how many accounts you have and money on them. It is better to open an account in one of the US banks in advance and deposit the maximum amount of money possible for you. Only it should not be a one-time payment, but regular transfers. For example, if you want to put $120,000 into this account, then make 5-10 payments in approximately equal installments during the year. The bank will review your documents within a month (usually twice as fast).

Having bought real estate in the Hawaiian Islands, remember that the mere fact that you are the owner of American real estate does not give you, as a foreigner, any special privileges to stay in the United States. The only thing you can count on is that when you pass an interview for an entry visa, this fact (having your own housing in a prestigious area of \u200b\u200bthe USA) will be taken as proof of a guarantee of your financial stability (that you will not stay in the USA illegally to earn money).

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