Styles of kitchen hoods

Kitchen technique is of two types: integrated and autonomous. But all the models of hoods are built -in, that is, integrated. There are fully built -in hoods, which are practically not visible under the surface of the floor, table, ceiling or countertops. All other hoods have an external part, which is made in different designs. Иногда вокруг вешней части вытяжки создают отдельный декор для соответствия интерьеру.

There are three important things that should be remembered when placing the hood:

The hood must be placed above the stove

The hood should be within the reach of the mains

Channel and ventilated hoods should have access to the outer wall of the house

Dimensions when choosing and installing hoods:

Make sure the device corresponds to the size of the slab. You will get the best result from the hood, which is fully consistent with the width of the plate.

All kitchen hoods should be placed so that the lower part of the device is about 75 centimeters above the stove.

On the market you will find 5 styles of hoods

one. Wall hood

The wall hood has a chimney that resembles a fireplace chimney. He goes immediately behind the fan and goes to the ceiling to your ventilation system. You must make sure that there is enough space above the stove for installing the chimney and the hood itself.

2. Island hood

Wall hoods are mounted on the wall, and islands are mounted under the ceiling. They look the same as wall -mounted, but are installed where the plate is in the center of the room, for example, on a kitchen island.

3. Visor hoods

They are built directly into the wall, that is, they do not have a long visible chimney. Models are rarely found more than 60 cm.

four. Fully integrated hoods

Such hoods are built into the cabinets above the stove and hidden by the panel or doors that need to be opened to use hoods. Almost all integrated hoods have a width of 60 cm or less. This is the ideal option for those who are looking for an extract, which is visible only when using.

5. Hood under the cabinet

Such hoods are built into the kitchen set. The lower part of the hood is located above the stove and mounted in the lower shelf of the cabinet. They are confused with the previous option, but the main difference between such hoods is that they are hidden behind the door or panel that needs to be opened for the use of hoods, and the hood under the cabinet (under the canopy) is always open.

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