Repair sequence

First you need to carry out electrical work, but in order to conduct them you need to know an electrician. It is best if you call masters who will quickly carry out electrical work in your apartment. And then you will need to get rid of old substances. That is, take out all unnecessary things out of your housing. Do not succumb to nostalgic impulses and leave at least any old and unnecessary things. First of all, you need to cope with the dirty part of the work. This includes cleaning the ceiling and walls from old finishing materials, dismantling doors, skirting boards and ventilation grilles. If you plan to remove any walls or partitions, do this at the same stage. After complete cleaning of the premises, you can start installing new doors and windows. This must be done before finishing work, since with them it is contraindicated to the entry of dust into the room and sharp temperature differences.

Now you can proceed to the replacement of the wiring. It is necessary to make preliminary markings, and only after it proceed directly to the replacement of the wiring. In order to prevent damage to the wires, they can be placed in a special sleeve.

At the same time, pipes are being replaced. First you need to plan how they will be located. If you do not plan changes in the location, but simply change the old pipes to new plastic ones, cut the old pipeline and install a new.

Despite the way you will use the finishing material for the walls, you will still need to align them. To begin with, a layer of plaster is applied so that such a coating is better, you need to apply a layer through some time intervals. After plaster, putty is applied. She needs to let her dry well, after which she can be polished with a grinder.

Most time is taken by painting work. Before painting, the walls, in addition to their alignment, must be covered with soil. You can significantly save time if you apply the paint not manually, but with the help of a spray -spray.

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