Hypsum cardboard mounting technology

Hypsum cardboard mounting technology

Implies the existing technology for installing drywall sheets. Using special fasteners (for example, an ES or other option), in addition, metal knitting needles equipped with a swivel and suspension. ES fasteners are mainly used, therefore this is what will be discussed. Suppose that all the necessary suspensions have already been installed either on the ceiling or on the wall, and in previously strictly intended places for this. Using special scissors for cutting metal, carefully shorten the entire CD metal profile used exactly along the entire length of those lines that were applied to the ceiling, while about 10 mm shorter.

Such metal profiles are neatly inserted into the UD metal profile, previously installed around the entire perimeter, and then are already oriented inside the existing fasteners of the suspensions. It is important here to achieve a very accurate position of the horizontal all CD profiles. If necessary, their adjustments should be used by a special building level. Further, the CD profile is qualitatively fixed using fairly small screws designed precisely on metal, and then we bend the excess edge for the suspension ES. In order to significantly strengthen the existing base, you can additionally combine parallel our CD profiles with additional crab mounts, using the CD profiles cut off for this (their length is 40cm and 60 cm – for the wall and ceiling, respectively). It is also worth noting that according to a similar technology there is a creation of partitions from sheets of ordinary construction drywall.

If the existing parameters of the room are such that the standard dimensions of the usual construction drywall are not suitable for them – then it is necessary to cut a drywall sheet for high -quality gives the parameters necessary. A regular knife is used for these purposes, in addition, additional edges of the cut are also processed with a shirt. It should also be understood that the correct location of the CD profile on the surface should be so that all the edges of the existing sheets of drywall gently fall on the profile. One of the most critical mounts is necessary here, which is why it should not be neglected by such a recommendation.

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