How to prepare a flat base for the floor?

In this article you will learn about how to prepare an even base for the floor. Before direct operation with the solution, clean the floor from old plaster, oil, carpet glue, exfoliating layers of concrete, etc.D. To eliminate dust and small particles, you can use a vacuum cleaner. After complete cleaning, go to the ground primer. Thanks to the primer, the clutch of the leveling mixture with the base of the floor improves, and the formation of bubbles and rapid absorption of water from the mixture is also prevented.In addition, the primer improves the spreading of the mixture for alignment. If the leveling of the floor is performed by several layers, then it is necessary to primer each leveling layer. In order to avoid the protrusions of the mixture, fill the holes and cracks with a thick solution. The subsequent work on its equalization depends on how to correctly prepare the base for the floor.

For floor screed, all solutions are made of sand, cement and plasticizers. The latter contributes to a uniform stack of solution, and also prevent cracking of the screed at the time of drying. At the moment, you should not prepare the solution yourself, since you can purchase ready -made mixtures for aligning the floor and get rid of an extra waste of time. Moreover, working with the finished mixture is much easier and safer, and the screed becomes faster for subsequent work.

Often, apartments are sold in a dry version, in the form of a bulk mixture packaged on bags. Pure water is necessary for its preparation.

In principle, the floors for the floor can be divided into two groups: the first is used for initial, rough alignment, as well as the formation of the main thickness of the screed. And the second, for the final, finish layer, as well as the formation of a smooth surface.

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