How to choose a plaster in the bathroom?

How to choose a plaster in the bathroom?


The decoration of the premises where the operation is quite complex, it has to be the most vigilantly and carefully as the aggressive effect of factors such as moisture or temperature changes can not withstand every room. For example, in the bathroom only gypsum plaster is always used, or wallpaper with moisture -resistant coating. But options with cement or moisture -resistant plaster have the right to exist, as they have high resistance to such influences.

Let’s start with leveling and decorative plasters.

Moisture -resistant plasters can be intended for aligning surfaces and for decorating them. Let’s say moisture -resistant paint or tile.

Decorative plaster does not require subsequent finish.

You can align the walls with a dry -resistant coating, since it copes with this task with a bang, all types of plaster can be applied to it. But the whole structure will last exactly until the neighbors begin to drown you. No one can exclude such probability, since we live everything in multi -storey buildings. So if possible, use other, reliable materials. If you are interested in waterproof stucco for wet rooms, see the information on https: virashopshtukaturki_dlya_vlazhnykh_pomeshcheniy.

Now as for the alignment compositions. Alignment is necessary so that the surface does not have changes in pits and tubercles. The material used for this task should hold firmly on the walls and serve as the basis for decoration with decor elements.

Since the bathroom is always high in the bathroom, it uses only moisture -resistant plaster, since cement or resin acts as the main binder in it.

It is also possible to use gypsum plastering, but not in all cases, since they can withstand operation in a humid environment only if the surface is faced with special tiles with grouting of the seams, that is, not allowing water to enter.

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