Features of the construction of the cottage

Every year, more and more people living in large cities seeks to purchase a small, but private, separate cottage outside the city. In order to build a cottage that will combine the beauty and convenience of the layout, you need quite serious design preparation.

The construction of the cottage itself implies serious financial costs, and the ratio of engineering and architectural components will depend on how much financial resources will be ready to invest the owner of the future cottage. In terms of financial costs, experts highlight three approaches to the design and construction of cottages.

The first approach provides that turnkey cottage is built on the budget option, since it is based on minimizing the costs associated with its construction. In this case, the engineering part acts as the main part of the project, and the architecture in most cases plays a subordinate role. Design in this case can be carried out even without the participation of the architect.

The second path is moderate, because it involves some financial freedom, both an engineer and an architect.

Thus, their wide interaction is achieved, due to which all engineering elements are designed and placed in accordance with the needs of internal comfort and is consistent with architectural forms.

The third is the Hai-End-class approach . Its main principle is the maximum investment. This path is designed to implement exclusive construction projects, which are based on an unrestrained flight of fantasy. Cottages built according to this kind of concept are characterized in that their engineering is completely obeyed by architecture, and in the process of their construction the most advanced technical achievements are used.

But practice shows that absolutely any construction is based on a certain technology, innovative or already established. The most popular cottage construction technologies for construction are approaches to construction that came to us from Canada and Scandinavian countries. This is due to the fact that in these regions the climatic conditions are comparable to domestic, and it is here that there are long -standing traditions of private housing construction.

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