Fashionable and stylish sheepskin coats 2013-1014

This winter outerwear is the most popular for a decade. Many different models are produced annually. It can be either very warm or intended for socks in the off -season. It’s about sheepskin coats. It is they who are a hit of sales and do not give the pedestal to fur coats and down jackets. This trend is understandable, because they are light, soft, comfortable and warm. In addition, the term of their socks is much more than that of a fur coat or down jacket.

Sheepskin coats – fashion trends for 2013 – 2014

The following points can be distinguished, which are essential when choosing a model:

Collar – triangular with lapel, shawl. Round and large expanded ends, with rounded ends this season, there is no collection.

Length – this season is very democratic. Sheepskin coats of any length are in fashion: short waist -deep, to the middle of the thigh, almost to the heel. All of them are in fashion collections.

Silhouette – in fashion, both fitted models and those that have a free cut. Some designers presented sheepskin coats sewn on the principle of poncho.

Hood – present in most collections. If there is no collar. This detail significantly distinguishes trend things from those that were presented in past seasons.

The length of the pile – the bulk of the models has a short cut fur. There are single moments when on a long and fitted sheepskin coat, a trim of a large length is made. Often his color contrasts with the main tone of the robe.

Now there is a very large selection of models. Women can choose such a style of sheepskin coats that will emphasize the advantages of the figure and hide the shortcomings. Classic models and jackets, which are also sheepskin coats, this is not the entire list of proposed models. Most products are united by the presence of a belt. It even has short shelves to the hip length.

Sheepskin coat, unlike a fur fur coat, is a very torture product. With proper care, it will retain an excellent look for a long time. Her pile does not get old and does not fall out. At the same time, it is light and comfortable. It is warm even in very severe frosts. The last moment does not always correspond to reality. European -made sheepskin coats are not designed for the cold of our winters. Their pile is trimmed shorter. This is clearly visible if we compare the Italian sheepskin coat and domestic manufacturing. The rules for caring for products in both cases are the same.

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