Death of a Japanese pilot in Hawaii

Kaleohano managed to get into a canoe and sail to the neighboring island to Aylmer Robinson. At this time, an armed Japanese pilot staged a riot on Niihau: together with his accomplices, he burned the house of Kaleohano and took hostage a family of local farmers – Ben and Ella Kanahele, but the Hawaiians fought back. Nishikaichi died from the impact.

Another attacker was neutralized by the wife of a Hawaiian farmer: she hit the Japanese with a cobblestone on the head and cut his throat.

On December 14, 1941, Aylmer Robinson and the American military arrived at Niihau from a neighboring island. The surviving traitors were handed over to the US authorities. After the incident on Niihau Island, the White House became concerned that Japanese Americans, like their Hawaiian compatriots, could betray their new homeland at any moment, so the United States sent more than 100,000 Japanese Americans to the camps.

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