Choosing the layout of the kitchen

To date, the choice of kitchen sets provided to the buyer provides an opportunity not only to buy a kitchen to his taste, and even to create a project design. Whatever you choose – inexpensive hull or built -in furniture, elite kitchen sets or modular furniture, you have the opportunity to choose any configuration for absolutely any layout and design. A special variety of models and acceptable prices is offered by the Nota Furniture company, which represents the production of Russia in the kitchen market, and the entire concomitant range of services: from designing, to installing.

You have to only determine the location of the kitchen furniture, it is in your kitchen. The choice of planning solutions, first of all, depends on the area and shape of your kitchen. Your kitchen can be linear, M-shaped, P-shaped, parallel, not fixed or even island and peninsula. Often, when designing a small kitchen, a linear or corner headset is used. The linear looks great on any kitchens, and if your kitchen is like a long and narrow corridor, then this is not very convenient, since you will have to overcome large distances daily, running around the kitchen.

The greatest demand in Moscow, and throughout the country, are inexpensive kitchens with a corner configuration and this kitchen is suitable for those who have a square -shaped room. Corner placement is an ideal option, if you come from convenience.

The location of the headset along two opposite walls (parallel) and the P-shaped location will be appropriate only in the case of large enough kitchens, with an area of ​​15 m2).

“Islands” (separately located kitchen elements, such as slabs, tables) and “peninsula” (small table, bar counter – are used mainly for the figurative separation of the kitchen and dining room, for example) are an addition to the already mentioned configurations.

When choosing a layout, it is necessary to take into account the location of the plate, refrigerator and sinks to do work in the kitchen more rational. It is necessary to take into account the distance between them no more than 1.5 m.  All this is relevant for those who decided to design their kitchen themselves.

If you decide to use a qualified designer, then you have nothing to think about. A huge number of catalogs in pictures and photos, all kinds of furniture options, from built -in to modular, will only simplify your choice.

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