Bran for a healthy balanced diet

Every person needs healthy diet. For a long time, people consumed bran, which are rich in trace elements and vitamins. The composition of bran includes many nutrients that are so useful for the body. Fiber serves as the main component of this product, it positively affects the intestinal microflora, prevents the appearance of dysbiosis. Bran are considered a healing product. To date, a type of bran is diverse (rye, wheat, rice).

The benefits of bran

Many people want to lose weight, so oat bran in their daily diet includes. Experts recommend them to use people with excess body weight. This product contains many dietary fibers that heal the intestines, contribute to its normal bacterial microflora. With their daily use, you will notice how your well -being improved, the skin will acquire a healthy shine.

Those who are sick with diabetes are recommended to use rye bran. You can follow this link and buy rye bran, in the Mafusal store a huge assortment of this product is presented.

Bran for weight loss, recommendations

Using bran, you will feel how your body is saturated, so you will not want to eat for a long time. During the bran’s diet, it will help her easily transfer it. They are best used as a food additive in a small amount. But do not forget that bran should not replace all food.

How to use bran correctly to lose weight

In order to lose a few kilograms, it will be enough for you to use two teaspoons of bran with water daily daily. Fluid is needed so that the dietary fiber is swollen and easily absorbed by the body. It is very easy to cook them, for this you should pour the cut with boiling water, then cover and wait about five minutes, drain the water after time. You can also use bran with the addition of juice and sour -milk products.

Jack of bran

In order to cook jelly from bran, it is necessary a little barley, wheat and water. Wheat is crushed, mixed with bran, poured with water until their surface is completely coated. Then they interfere the contents and boil seven minutes over medium heat. After cooking, the jelly is insisted for an hour and a half.

Bran can be combined with almost all products, because they are considered universal.

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