Blurred chic and furniture

Furniture in the style of shabby chic (“Shebbie Shik”) is quite common, except that it is battered by time. Sometimes accessories are also used in this style – covers, frames, jewelry and other vintage things. Decorators resort to this furniture in the interior to create an atmosphere with notes of history and traditions, however, although these products are no longer new, its cost can significantly exceed the prices of only manufactured products and modern interior elements. In order to make an interior in the style of a worn chic on a budget basis, you will have to resort to many projects in the style of “do yourself”.

As a rule, “shabby chic” furniture is wooden furniture with chips of paint. It can be naturally aged antique things or artificially aged interior item. In other words, you can achieve a result with your own hands if you find cheap old furniture through ads and work a little bit on it.

Sometimes the Shebby Shik style is focused not so much on the furniture itself as on vintage accessories. For example, you can buy furniture covers that are according to the style. Other decorative elements include frames, chandeliers, vases and so on.

“Brave chic” is especially often chosen for living rooms and canteens, as well as for guest rooms, although this design can be used in absolutely in any room, depending on human preferences.  Many elements of wood furniture collections can be applied in the interior “Shebbie Shik”.  The style itself is often combined with a cottage style, as well as the rustic style and style of Provence.

Furniture in this style, if you buy it in antique shops, may not cost cheap. You can take a loan for valuable purchases, for example, at Tinkoff Bank, which offers quite a few lending services to its customers. General, shabby furniture in good condition costs more than modern products, but even the simplest cheap shelves from IKEA can be turned into a suitable product product. In fact, many people prefer to create furniture for Shabbie Shik on their own. The moment when you put your work in work on furniture helps it become more individual and add personal notes to your house. The owner of the apartment himself can feel more comfortable, the surrounded furniture to which he put his own hand.

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